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Meet Lindsay Jacobs, Executive Director, Majority Money

There’s more to this
fund-raising guru than meets the eye.

Lindsay Jacobs serves as Executive Director of Majority Money. Lindsay has an extensive background in political fund-raising, event planning, and donor communications.

Lindsay previously served as the Finance Director for Mark Boughton’s 2018 campaign for Governor of Connecticut. Under her leadership, the campaign successfully executed a low-dollar, grassroots fund-raising strategy to qualify for Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program, securing $1.35M in state funding for the Primary Election and solidifying Boughton’s status as the only Republican-endorsed candidate for Governor. Following the Primary, Lindsay joined Republican nominee Bob Stefanowski’s finance team for the General Election, raising over $4M in the last three months of the campaign.

Before relocating to the Northeast, Lindsay served as the Political Affairs Manager for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce where she raised funds for the organization’s two Independent Expenditure Committees and Political Action Committee. Lindsay’s experience includes working with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R – FL) on Georgia fund-raising and helping raise over $7M for U.S. Senator David Perdue (R – GA) during his first run for office.

Lindsay’s political fund-raising career began in Washington, D.C. as the Deputy Finance Director for the West Region and Team 100 at the RNC.

Lindsay is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta where she received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and History. She is originally from Los Angeles and currently resides in New York City.

Lindsay Jacobs: Up Close and Personal

Majority Money(MM): Tell us about your family.

Lindsay Jacobs (LJ): I have a big family that is spread out across the country. I am currently engaged to Eric, who I’ve successfully tricked into marrying me in October.


MM: Any pets?

LJ: None currently, but I was raised with dachshunds. Plans to acquire my own are in the works. He’ll be named Vedder.


MM: What was your first campaign?

LJ: Knocking doors for Romney in Cuyahoga County, OH.


MM: Favorite President?

LJ: Ulysses S. Grant.


MM: Name your best vacation.

LJ: Hiking Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, AZ. The desert is beautiful and the views from the top are worth the scramble up the steep grades. Bring water.


MM: Favorite ad of all time?

LJ: Definitely the Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial.


MM: Most memorable campaign?

LJ: Perdue for Senate 2014, Georgia. We went from being an unknown candidate in a crowded Primary to facing off with an incumbent Congressman in a primary-runoff to winning the general. I learned the true meaning of being a team player and made lifelong friends.


MM: What’s your college alma mater?

LJ: Emory University.


MM: Favorite live event you attended?

LJ: What would be the 2018 Belmont Stakes where Justify became the thirteen winner of the Triple Crown.


MM: Favorite meal on the road?

LJ: Taco Bell #8 with a cheesy gordita crunch, no spicy mayo.


MM: Your home city?

LJ: Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Currently residing in New York City.


MM: What’s your Favorite Majority Money solution and why?

LJ: Digital fund-raising allows us to reach and grow donor pools in a cost-effective, targeted way. We can continuously gather feedback to optimize our efforts to ensure we’re reaching the right people with the right message that turns them from prospects into donors.

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