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The Basics of E-Mail Fund-raising

Our team of fund-raising experts will help you develop, manage, and execute a plan to activate your targeted audience of donors.

What is e-mail fund-raising?

E-mail is a fast, cost-effective, and easily optimized way to deliver your message directly into the inbox of your audience.


What should I say?

Keep your message direct, relevant and to the point. Use language that will create a sense of urgency and spur your audience to action. Lay out a full picture of why you need their help, NOW. Get creative! Use current events, the national political climate, and the state of your race or issue to engage your audience.

Don’t forget to ask them to donate. Be clear and direct in what you want them to do in your e-mail. Make it easy for them to donate by clicking a button or a link to a simple, secure on-line donation page.


How do I collect on-line contributions?

We can help with that through our exclusive partnership with Raise the Money, America’s first and only platform to comprehensively address the on-line fund-raising needs of political candidates and campaign.


What about links and images?

Again, keep it relevant, creative, and limited. Don’t make it too hard for your audience to get to the donate button.


Who should I e-mail?

E-mails should be directed at an audience who have opted-in to receive your communications. If you cold e-mail mass lists of donor prospects, you’ll end up in spam folders with high unsubscribe rates and bounces. Need help building a list of on-line supporters? We’ve got you covered.


Will it work?

As with all fund-raising, e-mail fund-raising needs to be part of a comprehensive, coordinated approach. You should have a plan of how often you e-mail your list. You won’t see results if you only communicate with them when asking for money. Repetition is key to gaining the trust and attention of your audience.