An inside look at Majority Money and our
full-service fundraising solutions …

For The Win.

We Are Majority Money

Our goal is to build a list that works for you, not someone else.

At Majority Money, we provide full-service fund-raising solutions for the win.

We combine the full-circle power of superior data, unique creative, and streamlined production to solicit donations from every angle and build a profitable coalition of donors.

Our goal is to build a list that works for you, not someone else.

Our team of fund-raising experts can develop, manage, and execute a plan to identify, grow, and activate your targeted audience by communicating with them through a variety of mediums.

Thanks to our data and a leading suite of fund-raising products, we can take you from square one to a robust fund-raising operation quickly and efficiently.

Here’s what our team has to offer …

  • Superior data that gives us a clear idea of what to say to bring a donor prospect across the finish line from day one.
  • Fund-raising consulting where our team of experts will work directly with your team to implement best practices, build out your fund-raising infrastructure, establish a goal, and develop a pipeline to achieving it.
  • E-mail campaigns that are fast, cost effective, and easily optimized to deliver the best results.
  • Digital advertising that will get your message in front of your targeted audience, grow your base, and solicit contributions across a number of digital spaces to meet your goals.
  • Direct mail plans that will reengage lapsed donors and bring prospective donors into the fold.
  • Texting strategy that will help raise money anywhere, anytime and is almost guaranteed to be seen by your targeted donors.
  • Tele-fund-raising to raise the dollars you need with a traditional program that directly solicits contributions.
  • On-line payment processing with Raise the Money, America’s first and only platform to comprehensively address the on-line fund-raising needs of political candidates and campaigns.
  • Compliance navigation to ensure you are dotting all I’s and crossing all T’s on the way to reaching your fund-raising goals.

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