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Don’t be scared to ask for money: Tips for making the ask & getting a donation

If you don’t ask for what you need, the donor will almost always give you less than you’d like.

Almost all candidates hate asking for money. It is awkward, uncomfortable, and the fear of rejection can be paralyzing. But without donations, you won’t be able to afford the products and services you need to win on election day. Below are some tips for making your fund-raising calls and meetings less stressful and more successful.

Do Your Research

Preparation is key for shaking off any nerves about fund-raising calls and meetings. Work with your Finance Team to get a short background on your prospect, including and any previous donor history to other candidates and causes.


Have A Specific Number Or Ask In Mind

Most candidates don’t raise as much money as they should from their donors. Make sure you ask specifically for what you want. After doing your donor research, you’ll know the amount that is right for your prospect. If you don’t ask for what you need, the donor will almost always give you less than you’d like.


Hone-in On Your Message

Know why you’re calling and be able to articulate it in a compelling, authentic way that drives your prospect to action. Whether it’s an end of the month deadline, keeping your ads on TV, growing your base of support, or simply showing your district how serious you are about winning this race – don’t be afraid to tell your prospect why you need their support at this critical juncture.


Use Your Notes

If you’re on a call – use your notes! Taking notes can also help calm nerves and keep a conversation on track. Make sure to record any pledges or follow-up needs to make sure you close the deal.


Have Your Collateral Ready To Go

Make sure your collateral is packaged and ready to go. Event invites, contribution forms, polling memos, and website links should be queued up and on-hand. You never want excessive lag time between your conversation and follow up. Make sure your prospect has everything they need to contribute as soon as possible.


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