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The Basics: Direct Mail, E-mail, Digital

Majority Money can help you build an omni-channel, comprehensive approach to utilizing all three mediums to reach your fund-raising goals.

What is e-mail fund-raising?

E-mail is a fast, cost-effective, and easily optimized way to deliver your message directly into the inbox of your audience.


What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising allows you to get your message in front of your target audience, grow your base, and solicit contributions across a number of digital spaces to meet your fund-raising goals.


What is direct mail fund-raising?

Direct mail is one of the most tried and true fund-raising mediums that exist. By putting the convenience of giving directly in the hands of donors, you can reengage lapsed contributors and bring new prospects across the finish line.


What should I say?

Keep your message direct, relevant and to the point. Use language that will create a sense of urgency and spur your audience to action. Lay out a full picture of why you need their help, NOW. Get creative! Use current events, the national political climate, and the state of your race or issue to engage your audience.

Don’t forget to ask them to donate. Be clear and direct in what you want them to do. Make it easy for them to donate by clicking a button or a link to a simple, secure on-line donation page on-line, or by including a simple reply mechanism in your direct mail piece.


Who should I ask?

E-mails should be directed at an audience who have opted-in to receive your communications. If you cold e-mail mass lists of donor prospects, you’ll end up in spam folders with high unsubscribe rates and bounces.

Make no mistake about it: direct mail fund-raising can be expensive, but if you target the right audience, you are sure to see a return on investment.

Focus on donors who may have lapsed contributions from previous years, or folks who you know are already supportive of your efforts. If you are going to prospect, make sure that you are reaching an audience where your message is likely to resonate.

No list? No problem. Our team of data experts can help you with that. Get started with us today.


Will it work? 

The more you put into your fund-raising program as a whole, the more you will see results. There is no substitute for hard work. Mailing donors is one thing – chasing your mail flights with calls, e-mails, and follow up yields an entirely different result. The more mediums you use to communicate with your donors – and the more repetition you have – the better.

Majority Money can help you build an omni-channel, comprehensive approach to utilizing all three mediums reach your fund-raising goals.