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The Election Is Over, What’s Next?

Don’t be afraid to capitalize on hot button issues for fund-raising.

Congratulations, you did it! No doubt, your donors were a critical component of your success. Now that you’re an elected official, what do you do with them? Whether your reelection is in two, four, or six years, it’s important to keep your donors engaged so you can count on them cycle after cycle.

       1. Thank Them

First and foremost, you MUST thank your donors for helping take you across the finish line. Right after election night, send a direct mail piece thanking them for their support. Make sure you call each Finance Committee member personally and thank them for going the extra mile.

       2. Keep them engaged

Keeping your donor list “warm” is critical for your success in hitting the ground running for the next election. You have built trust with this community already and you want to keep them activated. If you forget to nurture them during off-years, you’ll have to spend precious time before the next election reengaging them again and rebuilding those relationships.

Send regular emails keeping them informed of your legislative accomplishments, district issues, and upcoming events in their area. That way, when you have to ask for money again, they won’t be surprised (or angry!) to hear from you again.

      3. Capitalize on Hot Button or Relevant Issues

Don’t be afraid to capitalize on hot button issues for fund-raising. There doesn’t have to be an election around the corner in order to generate a sense of urgency among your audience. Make sure to take advantage of any relevant current events to bring dollars in the door. Again, if you’re talking to your audience regularly, they will not be caught off guard.

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