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2020 Checklist: Develop Your Comprehensive Fund-raising Plan

The more targeted and precise your audience, the more likely you are to see a return on investment.

As 2020 begins, having a successful fund-raising operation is the only way to ensure your success on election day. Here are the key questions to ask when developing your finance plan:

Who is going to lead your fund-raising operation and track your progress?

Every fund-raising operation needs a point person to oversee all aspects of donor outreach, recruitment, and conversion. Like any efficient business, there needs to be a leader who understands what it takes to hit recurring goals and achieve success day in and day out.


How are you going to use direct-mail?

Direct-mail is a tried and true method for effectively communicating your message and developing a near personal relationship with current and potential donors.

Be sure to have answers to the following questions: Who are you targeting? With the short time you have in front of the audience, what do you want to say? How are you going to convince them to take action?

All of these questions require answers that will give each mailer a purpose and a clear measure of success.


Will you use digital fund-raising and e-mail marketing?

Digital fund-raising and e-mail marketing are two areas of uncharted waters for many but are crucial when it comes to creating urgency and driving dollars in the door at the turn of the news cycle.

Like direct-mail, determine who your audience is going to be. It could be solely your internal house-file, or a list of new prospects, or perhaps a mixture of both.

Digital fund-raising is a long-term list building investment. With Facebook advertising, you’ll focus on reaching your targeted audience and asking them to “opt-in” on your messaging. The more targeted and precise your audience, the more likely you are to see a return on investment.

Once you build your list, e-mail marketing is where you’ll ask for donations and update your audience on important issues. E-mail gives you the flexibility to talk about an issue before the 24-hour news cycle comes and goes. This is the prime time to convert those newly-added contacts from your digital fund-raising operation into real donors.


How will you use new mediums like texting?

96% of individuals in the U.S. own a cell phone, so what better way to drive those last few dollars in than by a text message? This is an ideal practice for organizations with reliable house-files that have phone numbers.

Answers in hand, you are ready to raise the necessary dollars for a successful voter contact campaign plan. Have questions? Need help? The Majority Money team is here. Send us a note today and we can help you complete your 2020 Fund-raising Checklist and build a comprehensive finance plan.