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2020 Checklist: Fund-raising Collateral

In the fast-paced world of fund-raising, having your toolbox on-hand and fully stocked is crucial. Without preparing your collateral beforehand, you run the risk of missing out on important fund-raising opportunities.

As campaign season gets underway, be sure you can check off the following items from your collateral checklist.

Contribution Forms

It’s easy to get caught up in the digital revolution and forget about physical contribution forms. And while it’s absolutely necessary to have an online location where donors can contribute to your campaign, nothing beats the reliability of a hard contribution form.

Whether you’re attending a meeting with a donor prospect, having an event, or sending a direct-mail solicitation – you will always need printed contribution forms on hand.

Your contribution forms must always include the following information fields:

  • Donor full name
  • Address
  • Email address and phone number
  • Credit card number, billing address, contribution amount, and signature
  • All proper contribution disclaimers required by the FEC or your state

Event Invites

It is likely your campaign will have dozens of fundraising events throughout the election cycle.

Save yourself valuable time by having a clear and to-the-point template for your invites so you can quickly distribute the details to your target audience and get event hosts the materials they need to drive attendance.

A proven format for event invites consists of the following elements:

  • Your logo
  • Host committee and event information
  • Contribution requirements to attend
  • Contact info and the proper disclaimers

By having a template handy, it will only take you a few minutes to create a quick and easy event invite that makes it simple for donors to see exactly what they need to know.

Thank You Notes

From donors to volunteers, the key to keeping your supporters onboard is making each one feel like your most valuable asset.

At regular intervals, make sure you and your team send thank you notes to anyone who has been generous enough to give a donation, or their time, to your campaign.



With your collateral checklist in hand, you’re prepared to meet any campaign need with the right set of tools.

Questions? Need help? The Majority Money team is here. Send us a note today and we can help you complete your 2020 Fund-raising Checklist and build a comprehensive finance plan for success.