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2020 Checklist: Gather Your Data

Our data is lightyears ahead of the competition.

Fund-raising success, when boiled down to its roots, is dependent upon who you are talking to and if they are quality donor prospects.

While it is tempting to ask everyone and anyone to donate to your campaign, the foundation of your support is going to come from the people already in your network.

Where should you look?

Your Christmas Card List

Your Christmas card list is a valuable list of family, friends, and individuals within your inner circle who know you and like you. They’ve watched you grow into the candidate you are today and will be ready to help – you just have to ask!

Personal Contacts

Move onto the next layer of support – the people within your network with whom you have some affiliation, no matter how big or small. Maybe they belong to your church, or your children go to the same school. Maybe they were a co-worker or boss. Regardless, they know your story – they know you.

PRO TIP: Is there anyone in your network who has access to a whole new group of people you haven’t been exposed to? Ask them if they’ll help you expand your reach and infrastructure of support!

Donor Prospects

After all of the above lists have been checked and you find yourself ready to reach out to potential donors outside of your network, Majority Money can help. Our data is lightyears ahead of the competition. We can identify potential donors in your district or state – or even individuals with identifiers that are tailored to your effort. We’ll even help in creating compelling, unique, personalized content that drives contributions in the door.

Once you’ve put in the hard work of building your list of donors, don’t leave them hanging! Whether its an election year or not, keep them up to date on all you are doing now and ensure they know they are an integral part of your team. The more they feel valued, the more likely they are to stick around and continue supporting your work down the line.


At Majority Money, our comprehensive, data-driven approach ensures we are talking to an audience with a known history of giving to GOP candidates and committees.


Ready to get started? The Majority Money team is here. Reach out to us today and we can help you work through your 2020 Fund-raising Checklist.