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Digital Fundraising: Engagement Before the Ask

A donor, if up to them, will give what they think they can, which can be on the lower end.

Engaging a donor universe is a real workout.

It takes time. It takes commitment. It takes work.

Learn how to engage a donor and work up to making the ask.

Know who you are talking to.

If you are communicating with your house-file, these people have already opted-in and are familiar with who you are. You can skip the introductions.

Growing your file, however, requires you to identify known voters within your district with a history of contributing to GOP candidates and start at the beginning.

Who are you?

Why are you running?

Why does your candidacy matter to them?

The answers to those questions are your strengths and what will help you build that needed connection with a new donor.

Let them in.

“People give to people.” Your audience will need to feel connected to your effort before feeling comfortable enough to contribute.

Unique creative can certainly help grab the eyes of your audience, but your messaging will need to make it clear to them who you are, why you are running, and why you need their help.

When speaking to your audience through Facebook ads, e-mail marketing or direct mail, readers should gain a clear understanding of the person you are and what you stand for. Comfortability with you will come from repeated “reps” and conversations with them over the course of many weeks and months leading up to Election Day.

Make your need clear and precise.

A donor, if up to them, will give what they think they can, which can be on the lower end.

However, if you make it clear to them your exact need, they are more likely to stretch and give more, exceeding what they would have given on their own.

For example, ask the donor to give $20.20 for the 2020 cycle, or ask them to match their previous donation so you can keep fighting the good fight.

Don’t hesitate to communicate what you need, otherwise, the donor will hesitate in how much they should give.

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