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“Fundraisers Shifting Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Pandemic”

Today, Majority Money Executive Director Lindsay Jacobs Seti was featured in the latest article from Campaigns & Elections regarding political fund-raising during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here’s what Lindsay had to say:

On Staying the Course

  • “Everyone is a little bit panicked right now, but this doesn’t fundamentally change the course of how fundraising works. The plans are there, this is about continuing to execute them …”

On Making the Ask

  • “From a major donor perspective, I still find it’s all about the peer-to-peer ask. Whether that means the candidate’s on the phone or the candidate’s finance committee is still working to collect checks,” said Jacobs. “It’s just not going to be face to face.”

On Maintaining Frequent Communication with Donors

  • “These are still ways to reach your target audience of donors — so we ramp that up and continuing to do call time. You can bridge that gap.”

Read the whole article here.