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Fundraising During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Reaching Your Target Audience

The COVID-19 Pandemic is changing the way campaigns and organizations communicate with their targeted audiences.

With school and office closings, cancellations, and the postponement of events across the nation, it’s likely your in-person fund-raising events have changed. Instead, your donor prospects are at home, on-line, and on their mobile devices.

Instead of asking donors to come to you, shift gears and go where the donors are: digital devices.

Now is the perfect time to build out a list, communicate with your target audience, and build trust with your donor prospects.

We know you may be sensitive about asking for donations during this time – but fund-raising is about so much more than soliciting money. It’s about building trust and awareness with your audience. It’s about establishing yourself as a leader. And this is the perfect time to start.

Majority Money has the tools to help.

Facebook Lead Acquisition

A 2019 survey showed that 45% of Americans spend an average of 2 hours and 6 minutes on social media each day. When prospective donors have more time on their hands, they’ll likely spend it looking at their social media profiles.

Peer-to-Peer Texting

Unlike traditional blast texting, peer-to-peer texting doesn’t require prior opt-in to reach your prospects on the devices they use most. You can reliably and promptly deliver your message from a full 10-digit phone number, rather than an impersonal short code. 99% of all text messages are opened, which means your message is bound to be seen.

E-Mail Marketing

Email is a fast, cost-effective, easily optimized way to reach your target audience and keep them updated with important information about COVID-19 and your campaign.

Not sure how to get started? Just leave it to our team. We’ll get to know your campaign, do some research, and get busy writing, designing, and generating audiences.

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