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Keeping Your Supporters Invested: Building & Strengthening Relationships

Fund-raising is based on relationships. Before a prospective donor invests in your campaign, they need to be invested in you. How does that happen? It happens with time and trust as you show likewise how invested you are in them.

Developing a relationship before you ask for a financial contribution is key to successful fund-raising.

Listen and learn before you ask.

Together with your team, you should work to understand your prospect’s viewpoint and what’s important to them and make them feel like the integral part of your campaign they are.

How do you continue relationship building amid the changes and social-distance constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic? How do you build new relationships and strengthen existing ones when the momentum becomes increasingly difficult to maintain?

Certainly, the environment around COVID-19 is unprecedented, but we have some tips to help you build and strengthen relationships based on our experience through the years navigating the ups and downs of a changing political environment.

First, Be Accessible.

Your current and prospective donors want to hear from you directly – not just through digital, not just through e-mail, but by phone. A 5-minute phone call to check in on their well-being, update them on the state of the campaign and offer help if they need it will deepen your relationship, regardless of how long you’ve known them. Having open lines of communication between you and your supporters is crucial to maintaining the relationships you’ve worked so hard to develop over the previous weeks and months.

Second, Be a Leader.

Everyone is being affected in some way, large or small, by the pandemic. Small businesses are struggling, and families are dealing with uncertainty at home. Now is the time to lead. Draw attention to businesses through Facebook posts and create a sense of urgency to support them. Shine a light on local initiatives that are helping families in the community with meals or cleaning supplies. Take this time to invest in your community and prove you’re a natural leader.

Third, Keep Them Informed.

Although the date and your strategy may have shifted, your election will happen. Keep your supporters up to date on the state of your campaign and what steps you are taking to reassure them that you are in this for the long haul. Be a trusted source of information, particularly as it pertains to changing election dates and vote-by-mail information. When the time is right, it’ll be a fierce dash to the finish line, and you need your donors by your side to get you there.

Majority Money has a full suite of tools available to help you stay in front of your audience and maintain the momentum you and your team have worked hard to create. Now is the time to develop your strategy and be fully prepared to sprint towards victory in November.  Contact us today to get started.