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Fundraising During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Will Direct-Mail Still Work?

Direct-mail is one of the most trusted and targetable mediums and viewed as more personal in large part to its physical trait. 98% of people open their mail daily, which means your message is bound to be seen by your targeted audience.

Majority Money, a division of Majority Strategies, is backed by decades of industry-leading experience in direct-mail and print advertising, combining cutting-edge creative with state-of-the-art targeting to deliver memorable and persuasive printed materials.

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes how we interact with each other, direct-mail is more valuable than ever in reaching donors, supporters, and prospects.

Here’s how you can maximize your efforts:

Target Your Audience

In order to maximize your ROI, it is crucial you target the right audience with a message that will resonate. Majority Money has an internal list of proven Republican donors across the county. These prospects have contributed to President Trump, a federal campaign, or a local or statewide effort. Our data on them is extensive: we know the issues they care about, the levels at which they give, and what we need to say to bring them across the finish line.

Keep It Personal

When talking to your audience and making an ask, your message should be personalized and tailored to each individual donor or prospect.

Follow Up Is Key

When mailing a prospective donor audience, Majority Money can provide phone numbers for each of the prospects you mail so you can chase each mailer with a follow-up phone call or text message.

The Majority Difference

Data drives Majority Money’s unique approach to direct-mail fund-raising. Everything we do from messaging, to creative, to audience building, is intentional, tracked, and optimized as results are compiled from our efforts.  In addition, our strong relationship with the USPS through our own Procurement Manager ensures streamlined production for a smooth process.

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