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Keep Moving Forward During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the political landscape for 2020. While Primaries have been postponed and in-person events have been rescheduled, elections are still happening. When everyday life returns back to normal, you and your team will need to be ready to hit the ground running toward election day.

While your voters are at home, they are looking for the voice of a leader like you on their computers, mobile devices and in their mailboxes.

  • An estimated 78% of people are now working from home
  • AT&T reports that internet usage is up 31% compared to last month
  • T-Mobile reports phone call usage is up 17% during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now is the time to engage your audience and capture their attention while they are at home and consuming as much content as they can.

Done right, you can fund-raise right now while building strong relationships based on trust for the rapid-fire fund-raising days ahead.



Building and maintaining relationships is key to successful long-term fund-raising success. Stepping up as a source of accurate and timely information, encouraging support of local small businesses, and connecting with donors on a more personal level are important ways you can build strong, lasting relationships.

“Fund-raising is so much more than asking for money. It’s about building trust, developing a relationship, and persuading someone to invest in your campaign because they believe in you and your vision for the future. Building that organic connection is key to long-term, repeated success.”



From social media to e-mail to texting, digital mediums are where your donors are spending a lot of time while sheltering at home. Now is the time to go where the donors are – digital. 


There are so many advantages to direct-mail. It’s trusted. It’s remembered. And it’s highly-targetable. Data and creativity are among the keys to a successful direct mail fundraising campaign.

Majority Money has the tools to help you engage with your known donors and prospects and prepare them to act. Contact our team of experts today.