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What Goes Into a Successful Landing Page?

The first website went live way back in 1991. By 2014, there were one billion websites.

Did you know there are over 1.76 billion websites today?1

Landing pages are a simplified web page that are geared toward a specific purpose, like signing a petition, completing a sign-up, or making a donation.

Landing pages are very focused to drive home a specific message, engage the user, and compel them to take a specific action before leaving your page. It’s a great way to introduce your candidate or organization, provide a clear overview of your purpose, and encourage people to opt-in to join your email file.

No matter the goal, there are three key components of a successful landing page.

Key #1: A Clear Call to Action

Get straight to the point as soon as a user lands on your page. A clear call to action will not only tell the user what it is you want them to do; it should also explain clearly to them why they should do it.

Key #2: A Focused Message

A focused message and emotionally-impactful creative are critical for driving people to take action. You will have seconds to capture your user’s attention. Be sure your message and creative reflects the email or digital advertising that brought them to your landing page. Doing so maintains the experience for the user and makes persuading them to take a specific action easier.

Key #3: An Easy-to-Find Form

Your landing page has to be easy for your audience to use. Design and develop your landing page to incorporate the sign-up form near the top where users will see it without having to scroll down the page. Keeping the form front and center will make it easier for users to take action before leaving your landing page.

BONUS! Key #4: Think Mobile

In 2019, over half of all website traffic worldwide came from mobile phones. Be sure your landing page is responsive. It must be functional for both desktop users as well as mobile users. Optimizing your landing page for mobile ensures those visitors reaching you via their smartphones and tablets enjoy the same quality user experience.

A well-written, designed and developed landing page is key to converting people from visitors to engaged supporters and donors.

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