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Revenue Sharing v. List Rental

Fundraising in the digital age

You cannot run a successful campaign without raising money. More traditional fundraising efforts include in-person events, direct mail, and calls. But as more and more people spend time online, candidates, committees, and causes should use e-mail fundraising to reach their target audiences and solicit contributions.

E-mail is fast, targeted, and easily optimizable to get the best results. But you have to have a list to communicate with.

Revenue sharing agreements and list rentals are two ways by which you can grow your e-mail list.


What is a List Rental?

With a list rental, you pay an upfront cost to solicit a cultivated e-mail list of potential donor prospects. You keep all of the funds raised.


What is a Revenue Sharing agreement?

Revenue sharing typically does not require any upfront cost, but profits are split on the backend between you and the list owner. The split agreement will vary depending on each individual list.


Which one should I use?

Majority Money always recommends building a list from the ground up that will work specifically for you year after year, cycle after cycle.

Be cautious when spending a significant amount of money on list rentals upfront. These assets come with no guarantee of working for you.

With revenue sharing agreements, you have nothing to lose and once someone donates to your campaign, they are in your house file permanently. Revenue sharing is an excellent low-risk option for growing a file for the future.


I’m ready to start growing an online list. How do I start? 

Majority Money can help you build out a comprehensive, omnichannel digital fundraising plan to solicit contributions across a variety of different spaces.

We have internal revenue sharing lists across the county and can help you build a plan to utilize them as part of a full-scale digital fundraising effort.

From growing your own in-house network of donors to expanding to a new audience, we have the resources, data, and tools you need to increase your online fundraising presence.

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