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What to Say on a Fundraising Phone Call

You only have 30 seconds to make a good impression when you meet somebody in person, but when it comes to fundraising phone calls, that time might be even less!

Here are some fail-safe tips for ensuring you’re making the most of your call time.

  • Do your research – Work with your team to get a short background on your prospect, including and any previous donor history to other candidates and causes
  • Have your list ready to go – Know who you’re calling and have their contact information in front of you so you don’t waste precious time trying to find it!
  • Have a specific number or ask in mind – After doing your donor research, you’ll know the amount that is right for your prospect
  • Hone-in on your message – elevator pitch – Know why you’re calling and be able to articulate it in a compelling, authentic way that drives your prospect to action
  • Take notes – Make sure to record any pledges or follow-up needs to make sure you close the deal
  • Have your collateral on hand and ready to go – Make sure your prospect has everything they need to contribute as soon as possible

And finally …

Always end each call with some type of action item. Whether it be a contribution on their part, you sending them more information, or even establishing a follow-up date. Convincing a potential donor to actually invest can be a long, drawn-out process, but the effort you put in will eventually pay off. Always have a plan moving forward and keep your eyes on the prize!

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