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Less Than 100 Days to Election Day 2020 … Sounding the Alarm

There are less than 100 days to Election Day 2020.

It’s time to sound the alarm.

Democrats are outpacing Republicans in digital fundraising. We’re talking a $30-million deficit in the first quarter of the year alone. Read more here.

While that alone will not determine the outcome on Election Day, it should give GOP candidates pause … but not for long.

With less than 100 days to go, it’s time to adapt – or be left behind. Now.

But how? How can you activate your target audience of donors between now and November?

  • Communicate often. At a bare minimum – once per week, with compelling, unique, and engaging content
  • Tap into what drives your prospects to take action by evaluating response analytics and optimizing your performance
  • Create a sense of urgency and relevancy by jumping on solicitations at the turn of the news cycle

Sound like a lot?

Majority Money can build, manage, and execute your online fundraising program to ensure you reach your target audience and raise the dollars you need for Election Day. We have an internal data set of over 2.9M Republican donors across the country, including lists for revenue sharing opportunities where you pay no upfront cost to deploy an e-mail to our list.

Read more about the differences between list rental and revenue sharing agreements here.

Contact the Majority Money team today to learn more and get started.