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Direct-mail vs. Digital The Pros & Cons of Each

What’s the best medium for fundraising? 

It is digital? Or direct-mail?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

The Pros of Direct-mail

Mail is a proven method for communicating your message – one that is emotionally-impactful, persuasive, and remembered. Mail is tangible and trustworthy.

With multiple envelopes, a letter and a reply device, a direct-mail package conveys an official and personal feel, while variable data and personalization creates an immediate connection with the person opening it.

By putting the convenience of giving directly in the hands of donor prospects, we ensure they can’t miss our message.

The Pros of Digital

Digital fundraising is fast, optimizable, and cost-effective. Through digital advertising, you can quickly reach a target audience and persuade them to opt-in for your list. With real time results on e-mail solicitations, text messages, advertisement engagement, and funds raised – you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t in an instant.



Direct-mail                                                 Facebook

* Proven                                                         * Fast

                      * Trusted                                                         * Easily optimized

                       * Personal                                                       * Real-time results


The Cons of Direct-mail

The turn time on direct-mail is longer. From writing, to design, to printing – the front end can take some time to prepare – and that’s all before it gets into the hands of USPS for delivery. Overall, direct-mail is significantly more expensive than digital advertising and email, and results take a few weeks to trickle in.

PRO TIP: Majority’s internal donor data tells us how much donor prospects have given to candidates and causes in the past, so we can make a specific ask to maximize their giving level and improve your ROI.

The Cons of FB Prospecting

The audience you are talking to has the option of scrolling past your ad. You have seconds to make a memorable impression over email – and if your audience isn’t organic – you’ll likely end up trapped in spam filters.

            The Cons

            Direct-mail                                                                   Facebook

                              * Longer Turn Time                                                     * Emails are easy to delete

                                  * Could Cost as Much or More Than 1 Ad Spend      * Easy to scroll right past ads

                                                   * Results aren’t instant                                               * Need to make an instant impression


The best medium? All of them. An omni-channel approach to fundraising ensures that your donors cannot miss your message whether it’s in their inbox, on their Facebook, or in the mail.

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