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Email Fundraising Tips for the Final Weekend

The final weekend before the election is here, and every campaign is working overtime to bring in every last dollar before the big day. Millions of emails will be delivered between now and Tuesday, but most of them will be banished to the trash folder without ever being opened.

How do you make your emails stand out from all of the rest?


Subject lines are your foot in the door when it comes to getting your emails opened. They should be brief, catchy, and provocative in a way that leaves readers curious about the rest of the message—so more are inclined to click through.

Creating a personal subject line can increase the likelihood that a reader will open your email. Using their first name or a line with urgency can drive engagement. For example, “[Name], are you still on board?” can create a more personal connection between you and the reader.


On average, your email has 13 seconds to make an impression before readers move on to other messages in their inboxes. Given the sheer volume of emails being delivered this weekend, you’ll probably have even less time to grab their attention—so don’t bury the ask.

If readers feel like they can donate later on, they won’t donate at all. Strip away any language that doesn’t contribute to your email’s sense of urgency. Include a specific and visible call-to-action that readers can’t ignore and explain that their donation is critical. Use the election weekend as a deadline and emphasize that this is the last chance to help.


If you’ve ever received a forwarded email from a friend or colleague, you’ve probably opened it right away. You’re not alone—a forwarded email catches attention, especially if it’s from a person with a familiar name. Adding a simple “FW:” can dramatically improve your open rate, but don’t forget to keep the content simple and personal.

From all of us at Majority Money, onward to victory!