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For The Win.

You won on Election day, now what?

Over the course of your campaign, you built a robust list of supporters and donors. They stood by you through a long election cycle and are excited to see what’s next. Here are some tips to make sure they’ll still stand by you well after Election Day.

Say “Thank You”

The last few months have been grueling for you and your supporters. Everyone has given every ounce of effort they possibly could give – and now that the election is over, you should express your appreciation with physical (or email) “Thank you” notes to each person on your list. They’ve spent their time making phone calls, knocking on doors, and even giving their hard-earned money. By expressing how valuable and crucial they were to your effort, you’ll build loyalty and trust that will keep them on board for a long time to come.

Keep the Relationship Alive

Fundraising doesn’t mean just asking for money – it’s about building and maintaining trust with your audience so they are there when you need them most. Make sure you continue to communicate with your audience regularly so that you can build roads of support throughout your community. Your donors and supporters are the reason you were successful on Election Day – and they won’t be if you go dark until the next race.

Build for the Future

It is never too early to start growing your list for the next election. While your strategy might not be as aggressive as it was during the campaign season, you should be consistently reaching new audiences to build your base of support.

There are endless ways to keep your list of supporters engaged, and Majority Money is here to help. To learn more tips and strategies about engaging your list, contact our team of experts today!