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Opportunities Abound: All eyes on Georgia

The two U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia have major implications for the state and the country. But what does it mean for other campaigns?

There are two main opportunities presented by the January 5th Georgia runoffs that smart campaigns will recognize and capitalize on.

ONE: The runoffs are an opportunity to keep your audience engaged longer.

TWO: The runoffs are an opportunity to grow your house file and gain new supporters who will be with you year after year, cycle after cycle.

What should you do between now and January 5th to turn these opportunities into outcomes?

Lead Acquisition

All eyes are on Georgia, and the desire to get involved is at an all-time high. Republican voters are itching to have a say on which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Combining Revenue Sharing lists, list rentals, and/or digital lead acquisition with messaging focused on the Georgia runoffs and their ramifications will help you grow your list quickly.

DIGITAL UPDATE: Facebook’s ban on new political advertisements that began in mid-October remains, but Facebook is lifting the ban to allow ads for the Georgia runoffs.

Your Email House-File

Your house-file was busy working to get you across the finish line for several months. During your campaign, you had no shortage of things to say. But with the 2020 election nearly behind us, you may struggle with messaging and engaging content.

Just say, “Georgia.”

The Georgia runoffs have captured the attention of the nation and already-engaged Republicans anxious to keep GOP control of the U.S. Senate. This is your chance to help them feel part of this historic moment from afar while expanding and strengthening your house-file.

Test Your Message

’21 and ’22 campaigns have time ­– time to test their messages.
Over the next few weeks, campaigns have the opportunity to hone their message and use the Georgia runoffs as a jumping-off point to fire up their own base.

PRO-TIP: Early work today will pay dividends in the future.

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