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The Non-Election Year And Why You Can’t Take It Off

There is no such thing as an “on year” and an “off-year” when it comes to fundraising. Building and maintaining a successful fundraising program is a full-time job, no matter how close or far you are from your election day.

Winning 2022 campaigns begins now. Here’s what you should be focused on during a non-election year.

Build Your Infrastructure

Make sure you have everything you need to raise money. Hire your vendors. Pull together your house-file. Sign up for an online payment processor. Get all of your collateral together: contribution forms, return envelopes, talking points. Work with your team to identify how much money you need to raise to win. Establish a Finance Committee that will help you reach your goal. Now is the time to lay the groundwork needed to be successful.

Communicate with Your Audience

We’ve talked before about how fundraising doesn’t mean just asking for money; it’s about establishing and maintaining trust with your donors and prospects. Now is the time to reach out and start building relationships. That doesn’t mean asking for money! It means keeping your audience informed about your race, establishing yourself as a thought leader, and most importantly – listening.

Prospect New Donors

Finding new donor prospects is the most important thing you can do over the next 12-months. From paid lead acquisition efforts like direct-mail and digital advertising to making calls to those within your inner circle and looking for help expanding your audience – any efforts to build out your network of support are critical to your success. Now is the time to identify your audience and gain their trust so they are there when you need the most in 2022.

THE KEY TAKEAWAY: There is no such thing as an off-year.

You’ll be missing opportunity after opportunity to build an audience of engaged donors and supporters who will play a key role in your victory on Election Day 2022 if you don’t start fundraising NOW.

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