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Deadline Approaching!

Act now!

Deadline approaching!

Midnight tonight!

A sense of urgency is the #1 driver of small dollars in the door.

Low dollar fundraising relies on creating a genuine sense of relevancy and urgency. When a potential donor is given time to decide, they may not give. But when time is turned into a factor and you clearly communicate how their help is crucial to your immediate goal, prepare for your conversion rate to skyrocket. A solid deadline campaign can substantially increase your ROI if properly executed, and Majority Money is here to help!

Here are some deadlines to keep in mind:

FEC or State Finance Deadlines

It makes sense for a fundraising push right before a filing deadline. The money you’ve raised and how much you have on hand can drive the narrative of how strong your campaign is compared to your opponent’s.

Timing Deadlines

When you are looking to drive the engagement rate of your audience but are out of reach of a tangible deadline, deadlines of your own can help to create the needed sense of urgency to drive donors into action. Whether you must hit your goal by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! or by the End of the Month, use timelines to your advantage.

Budget Deadlines

Giving donors a number that you have to reach in order to hit your goal or to take X action gives a tangible reason for them to donate. Whether you must raise “$10 from 10 Patriots before midnight”, or you need to raise “$4,000 to keep your ad on the air through election day”, painting a clear picture of why you need the money will help drive home returns.

PRO TIP: Regardless of what deadline you’re pushing, be sure to communicate it CLEARLY and REPEATEDLY to your audience. Start a week out, then again 4 days, and then drive it home for the final 48 hours.

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