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Creating a winning strategy with your Payment Processor

Over the past few years, payment processors have taken on a new life. These platforms no longer act solely as a tool to collect fundsthey can serve as a method to collect signatures, maximize potential gifts and expand your impact in the political arena.

There are countless options on the market that can help diversify your strategy and take care of your list, but here are a few that our team always makes a point to utilize:

Built-In Interactive Widgets

Take your strategy to a whole new level with attention-demanding widgets. Use a donation stream to prove to show how others are donating to the effort. Or, use a countdown clock to create urgency and pull contributions before a set deadline. And for those who might be on the fence and try to exit the website before donating, an exit pop-up can be the deciding factor in convincing visitors to contribute before they leave your page.

Dynamic Petition Pages

Quality digital strategies make it a point to always provide variety when communicating with an audience. Emails that hammer recipients for donations over and over can be a big turn-off for an email file and can drag your engagement rate downward. That’s why our team of fundraising experts make it a priority to utilize Petition Pages. This tool can help your audience feel valued for more than just the dollars they can give – they can feel as though they play an integral part in shaping the future of your race or initiative, whether they are taking a stand for a particular issue or simply signing up for a membership drive.

Candidate/Committee Partnering

Candidate and committee conduits have helped connect political players all over the country. Split revenue with candidates or support your favorite committees; start new partnerships or nurture old ones. It’s all possible with just the push of a button.

Want to use these features but don’t know where to start? Majority Money is here to help. Contact our team of experts today and get started!