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So you acquired a list … now what?

Many campaigns, parties, and organizations will find it in their best interest to purchase a list of emails that they did not generate on their own. Or in some other cases, a list is given to your effort as a gift.

These situations will present unique opportunities.

You now have a new audience with the potential to generate a return on your investment and create a profitable list of donors to help you in the years to come.

With this list, you have the benefit of time on your side. You can slowly share your message with this group and take time to introduce yourself and your message.

But it will also present unique obstacles.

Whether your list is bought or acquired as a gift, these audience members have not yet bought into your message.

They don’t yet know what motivates you or what you stand for.

They don’t yet know why you are communicating with them.

They may not even know who you are.

Yes, you have a captive audience, but that doesn’t automatically mean they will opt-in. You will need to know:

  • Where did these emails come from?
  • Why were they put on the list originally?
  • What issues and messaging typically resonates with them best?

When you know those answers, you’ll be able to make headway in converting this audience into your donors and supporters. Our team is here to help you methodically communicate with your new lists and convert them into donors.

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