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Why Majority Money – In-Depth Reporting

You can ask any candidate or organization: digital fundraising isn’t easy.

From identifying your target audience to honing-in on your message, figuring out what is and isn’t motivating your audience as quickly and cost-effectively as possible is key.

That’s why our team of experts don’t just tell you what does and doesn’t work, we show you in real time with comprehensive, data-centric detailed reporting.

You can expect to see extensive insights on:

Audience Engagement

Have you ever wondered how many people you’re reaching, or how many people are taking the time to engage? We provide accurate and detailed numbers regarding how your audience is reacting to your content and what we’ll need to do to optimize going forward.

Funds Raised Over Time

Anyone can track dollars raised from a particular effort. But how about what time of day to send a message, how much to ask for, and when people are giving? Our reports give you the real details needed to be successful.

Impressions and Conversion Rates

Take your conversion rate to the next level with a strategic marketing plan. You’ll be able to see exactly what creative is resonating best with your audience and how many impressions each piece of creative generates.

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